Jerry Turner of Sea Vue Films - seated in director's chair

Founded in 2010 by Jerry Turner, SeaVue Films is one of the most dynamic and diverse film, television and documentary production companies working in show business today.

The company name is inspired by the small town twin theater where “JT” spent the majority of his weekends submerged in any and all Double Features being shown. A trip to Universal Studios at the age of 10 cemented the urge to learn all he could about the magic of movie making.

JT went on to learn production from one of Hollywood’s major entertainment companies before jumping off to start SeaVue. “As a filmmaker, I find that perfect balance between mind, body and soul enrichment. Whether it be a big budget feature length production or a just a 2 minute iPhone produced video, it just feels like the right path for my life’s journey.”


the old Sea Vue Theatre in Pacifica CA
Jerry Turner of SeaVue films directing Surprise Surprise