Surprise, Surprise - film by Jerry Turner

Surprise, Surprise

Jerry Turner, 2009 (streaming May 23, 2017), 1 hr 25 min

Den, an in-the-closet TV star, and his younger disabled lover's lives are turned upside down when Den's troubled teenage son, David, whom Den never knew he had, comes into their lives. David, a 16-year-old homophobe, shows up at the doorstep of Den's Hollywood Hills home and discovers both his famous dad and his younger lover Colin. Colin is a former dancer, now using a wheelchair. Though their relationship is secret, Den and Colin are committed to each something they hope will improve David's disposition, given his rocky adolescence.

Tormented - film by Jerry Turner


Jerry Turner, 2022 (Pre-production), Short

Aspiring Country guitarist, Tom Stewart lives in the Beverly Hills community, and is preparing to marry his fiancée Meg Hubbard. Shortly before the wedding, Tom visits ex-girlfriend Vi Mason and she informs him that she will end his relationship with Meg, using blackmail if necessary. While they argue during breakfast, Vi starts to choke on her food. She looks to Tom for help and he initially begins the Heimlich maneuver, but then refuses and watches her head fall to her plate.

The Burbank Bomber - documentary by Jerry Turner

The Burbank Bomber

Jerry Turner, 2022 (Post-production), Documentary

The Burbank Bomber pairs filmmaker Jerry Turner with Shelly Berg, aka The Burbank Bomber, the quick-witted, flamboyantly dressed 60 something year-old who has had an outsized presence on the Los Angeles adult entertainment industry since her start as the headlining mud wrestler at the world famous Hollywood Tropicana during the 80s and early 90s. More than a sex worker film, the documentary is a story about independence and how...

The Burbank Bomber - documentary by Jerry Turner

No Motorcycle, No Life

Jerry Turner, 2022 (In-production), TV 22 min

A reoccurring series that follows filmmaker and former motorcycle shop owner, Jerry Turner as he rides the highways and byways of America visiting other motorcycle shops and their current owners as both ride and discuss why a career in motorcycles, why work in the city they are in and ultimately a discussion about the Zen of the art of the motorcycle. “You know about that judging of books by the covers? It makes perfect sense with the people who ride these things.”

The Burbank Bomber - documentary by Jerry Turner

My Favorite Things

Jerry Turner, 2023 (Pre-production), Full length Film

Set in San Francisco during the 80s, a talented young Jazz musician struggles to move on from his group of close childhood friends as the foursome find their different paths in life and deal with tragic loss. “Although the premise of twenty-something friends reaching a crossroads in their life is certainly well-covered terrain, My Favorite Things brings it’s own raw and tragic twist to this coming-of-age drama.”