FILMS: Surprise, Surprise

Surprise, Surprise - film by Jerry Turner


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  • Director: Jerry Turner
  • Writers: Travis Michael Holder, Jerry Turner
  • Producers: Cameron R. Penn, Jerry Turner
  • Editors: Daniel S. McCoy, Jerry Turner
  • Camera: Cooper Dunn
  • Sound: Daniel S. McCoy
  • Featuring: Travis Michael Holder, Lucas Eberle, John Brotherton, Jesse C. Boyd, Mary Jo Catlett & Debra Shelton

Surprise, Surprise

Jerry Turner, 2009 (streaming May 23, 2017), 1 hr 25 min

Film Synopsis

Den, an in-the-closet TV star, and his younger disabled lover's lives are turned upside down when Den's troubled teenage son, David, whom Den never knew he had, comes into their lives.

David, a 16-year-old homophobe, shows up at the doorstep of Den's Hollywood Hills home and discovers both his famous dad and his younger lover Colin. Colin is a former dancer, now using a wheelchair. Though their relationship is secret, Den and Colin are committed to each other, something they hope will improve David's disposition, given his rocky adolescence.

Their otherwise seemingly idyllic and coveted life is permanently altered, as they are forced to confront an already problematic relationship. Eventually, all three men with the help of their unconventional and extended family are compelled to join together and redefine the concept of family.