FILMS: No Motorcycle, No Life

The Burbank Bomber, a documentary by Jerry Turner


Distribution and Rights:

SeaVue Films, Inc.


  • Director: Jerry Turner
  • Producer: Jerry Turner
  • Editor: Andrew Hancock
  • Camera: Andrew Hancock, Daniel S. McCoy
  • Sound: Daniel S. McCoy
  • Music:
  • Featuring: Jerry Turner

No Motorcycle, No Life

Jerry Turner, 2022 (In-production), TV 22 min

Film Synopsis

No Motorcycle, No Life is a reoccurring series that follows filmmaker and former motorcycle shop owner, Jerry Turner, as he rides the highways and byways of America visiting other motorcycle shops and their current owners as both ride and discuss why a career in motorcycles, why work in the city they are in and ultimately a discussion about the Zen of the art of the motorcycle.

“You know about that judging of books by the covers? It makes perfect sense with the people who ride these things.”